Douglas Friedman’s Luscious “Lady”


The Ruffian boy’s did it again! Last night, internationally acclaimed photographer Douglas Friedman, exhibited Lady, a series of grainy photographs featuring a rather, umm, zaftig, woman wearing nothing but nipple tassels and a cotton candy colored concoction at Brian Wolk and Claude Morais‘ design studio. The second in the increasingly popular Ruffian Gallery series, Friedman was a natural choice to fill the walls of the chilled out Parisian-chic venue (beveled windows, kir royales, and lilting jazz completed the ambiance). For Friedman, who has shot for publications like Elle, GQ, and Domino, it was also a no-brainer; “We have been mutual fans ever since we worked together on a Teen Vogue story a couple years ago. I loved the idea of showing art in a non traditional space.”

And quel success! An eclectic crowd of it girls, editors, and actresses flooded the space, including Zani Gugelman, Jane Keltner, Annabel Vartanian, and Gossip Girl‘s Amanda Settton. Even Tinsley Mortimer made a quick appearance, popping in with a film crew in tow for her new Japanese documentary. No word on whether she’ll snag one of the pieces, priced from $1250-$2500.

Lady is open for six weeks, by appointment only. To book a viewing, call Ruffian at 212.279.4022.