Dossier Shop


When childhood friends Katherine Krause and Skye Parrott thought about launching a magazine, they nurtured the idea for two years before it came to fruition. Painstakingly perfecting the first issue meant that Dossier wouldn’t launch until another year, but it was worth the wait. Originally viewed as a side project, the attention garnered for Dossier made Katherine and Skye realize they were on to something bigger that would take more dedication than anticipated.

Dossier is a bi-annual publication that praises the facets of a creative person – from the short stories to the fashion spreads. The unorthodox magazine design allows Dossier to encourage its contributors to be their creative selves.

“Dossier is not broken down like other magazines, the content is mixed. We didn’t want to have set features because we feel that the magazine is richer for letting creative people give their best ideas without major restrictions.” said Parrott, Dossier’s creative director.

One year later, Katherine and Skye are taking Dossier to the next level. A full-fledge retail spot. Proving that not all business moves are trudges through the dirt, the progression of the Dossier Shop moved pretty quickly.

“My landlady told me about a vacancy at the bottom of my building and she was only willing to hold it for a day. So I called Katherine and Molly McIver, our business partner, and we got the location for the Dossier Shop instantly.” said Parrott.

They had the store, but nothing to fill it with. The task at hand was major but as the women reached out to their contacts of designers, stylists and friends, they noticed everyone was eager to help out.

“Our connections were able to help us secure a lot of vintage pieces and designers had the option of donating past season’s goods they no longer wanted but were still relevant. Some galleries and publishers have donated items as well.” remarked Parrott.


Mark Iantosca

All the hard work paid off and less than a month after opening the shop, it’s filled to the brim with an assortment of vintage and innovative clothing, accessories, knickknacks, old and new magazines, books and auction catalogs. Not to mention its two vintage Louis Vuitton trunks , a vintage Henri Bendel hatbox and a one-of-a-kind Dossier alligator tote designed by Zac Posen.

“You know how they say when something’s right everything just comes together? Well everything has just fallen into place for us.” said Parrott.

Focusing on local and independent designers, Dossier Shop features merchandise from Samantha Pleet, In God We Trust, Frank Tell, and Hengst. Dossier is also looking to expand to independent European designers in the near future.

Wanting customers to be surprised at what they can find at the Dossier shop is embarking on the euphoric emotions that we remember for a lifetime.

“I think that we’ve really put a lot of thought into the items we sell – there’s something for everyone. There was a customer who came in the other day looking for something for his 80-year-old grandmother. At first I couldn’t think of something appropriate but we were able to settle on an item that he was more than happy with.”

While the new issue of Dossier is being created, Katherine, Skye and Molly are juggling some exciting plans for Dossier Shop.

“There are plans to create an e-commerce site and we’re in talks with designers FORM and Nomia to create pieces exclusive to Dossier Shop.”

In the future, Parrott said they would like the Dossier space to be versatile where it can act as an art exhibit and a Pop-Up Shop for other designers.

“We believe that Dossier is for everyone and we want people to buy things because they want it to last.”

Dossier Shop is open Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday) from 12:00 to 7:00 and is located at 244 DeKalb Ave between Clermont and Vanderbilt Avenues in Brooklyn.