Do’s and Don’ts of Colored Tights, Plus Our Cute Picks

Do’s and Don’ts of Colored Tights, Plus Our Cute Picks
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For those sick of the chilly weather, I’m sorry to say, but winter isn’t going anywhere just yet. It’s around this time that people decide to get in a rut and resort to black, black, and more black in their wardrobes. While that may reflect downtrodden spirits, colorful pieces awaiting spring are unfortunately left stashed in the closet. Well, I’ve got a solution: colored tights. It’s possibly the simplest way to bring life into your otherwise blah outfit, and is guaranteed tobrighten your disposition. I can understand why you’d be apprehensive to try this, however; after all, when done wrong it can quickly turn into a disaster resembling clown garb. That’s why we’ve made a couple of Do’s and Dont’s on how to work these fun pieces into your outfit, sans circus nostalgia.

  • DO go for out-of-the ordinary shades like teal and purple to be anything but boring.
  • DON’T be too matchy-matchy. If you’re wearing pink tights, don’t wear pink shoes with a pink dress and a pink coat…unless your name is Elle Woods, that is. The point is to have some variation.
  • DO go for patterns! Nothing is really too crazy. When a bit of a funky pattern is peeking out between long boots and a skirt, it’s cute.
  • DON’T mix two bright, primary colors together, like scarlet tights with a cobalt dress. Props for putting some color on, but you don’t want to blind people now, do you?
  • DO mix colored tights with neutral clothes and shoes for balance. Remember, a little color goes a long way.
  • DON’T avoid wearing color with color, however, just make sure if one is a brighter and saturated hue, the other is more subdued.
  • DO avoid white at all costs. It only works if you’re wearing a plaid uniform and happen to go to a private school.
  • DON’T wear tights with runs in them. Besides, the point is to stay warm, right? Can’t do that with gaping holes.
  • DO give more suggestions. How do you wear your colored tights? Tell us in the comments below!

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Bright Solids, Lavender, Teal, Fuschia, and Mint tights, all $15, at We Love Colors

Darker Shades: Opaque Tights, $20, at HUE, Opaque Tights, $15, at DKNY, Ultraviolet tights, $18, at ModCloth

Patterns: Arglye Tights, $18, Houndstooth Tights, $13, Leopard Print Tights, $22, all at HUE

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