21 Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Dorm Room Amazing

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21 Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Dorm Room Amazing
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Any college student knows firsthand that dorm rooms are, well, boring, bland and characterless to say the least. Since you’re already spending a staggering amount money on housing, textbooks and tuition, it’s hard to justify spending a ton on   decorating, so that’s where handy DIY projects come in. There are some seriously easy, cheap and quick dorm room DIY hacks out there that can help you customize your space and make it feel like home.

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In any well-designed dorm room, you’ll see lots of wall decorations, a great comforter and some seriously unique and innovative ways of decorating on a budget. Whether it’s using mason jars as pencil holders, combining cups and Christmas lights to brighten up your pad or even recycling old tee-shirts to create your own rug, there’s pretty much a DIY project for anything. Best part is they all involve items you can either find around your house or somewhere super cheap.

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To give you some super creative and unique ideas to decorate your dorm room this semester, we’ve rounded up 21 of our favorite DIY projects any college student can do in the comfort of their dorm room.

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Instead of having a boring chair, make things interesting with this DIY project.

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Making your own wall art can be easy—especially when it involves paint swatches from your local hardware store.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

If you aren't allowed to tape things to the wall, hanging a cool banner than you made on your own is one way to spice your walls up.

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Nothing feels like home more than a comfortable bed and a canopy hanging over you. Make your own this this DIY project.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Keep yourself organized by using these cork coasters to remember everything on your to-do list.

Photo: Trashy Crafter

This DIY project is perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their walls with hardly any materials—just washi tape and some cool photos!

Photo: Design Sponge

Instead of sticking with a boring agenda, why not make your own calendar—life size!?

Photo: Pinterest/University Book Store

Make your own school supply holders with mason jars that you can paint to match your color scheme.

Photo: Lolly Jane

Remember everyone back home by taping your photos from home in the shape of a heart.

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Rugs can totally be expensive! Instead of blowing your cash on $100 rug, make your own!

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Customize your room with some flowers in the shape of your initals.

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Have some old tee shirts you don't need? Recycle them into a rug!

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Use a shower organize to keep your school supplies in order.

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Make a kissable print for your all involving only lipstick and some paper!

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Can't stand a boring white wall? Cut out "confetti" and tape it on your wall.

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Use your jewelry as an art piece by hanging it all up on a DIY display.

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Need help keeping your desk organized? Make your own organization center to keep on your desk.

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Blow up your favorite photo for inspiration and hang it on your wall.

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Be proud of who you are by making your name in lights!

Photo: Grey Likes Nesting

Instead of boring Christmas lights, make your lighting stand out by using pretty colored cups.

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Perfect for the boho girl, hang a DIY dream catcher over your bed.

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