Don’t Tweet Mean Things About Coco Rocha, She’ll Find You!


Beloved model Coco Rocha and her husband James Conran were honored last night in New York by Fashion Delivers, a charitable organization that recognizes members of the fashion community for their philanthropic endeavors. The couple notably traveled to Haitialong with fellow model and friend Behati Prinsloowhere they brought letters from hundreds of kids all over the world to children affected by the earthquake who are in desperate need of support, love and friendship.

Coco and James had such a positive response from the project that they’re planning on doing it again very soon. All of the other models said to me, Next time tell me about it! So hopefully next time we will have a chunk of girls coming and creating even more awareness, Coco said.

The couple also has another charity project in the worksthey’re working with an organization named Senhoa that rescues young girls from of the sex trade in Southeast Asia and provides them with a home, an education and training on how to make jewelry. The funds raised from the jewelry go toward bringing up the younger girls, and Coco is currently busy designing a line of jewels for the cause which will be available by the end of the summer.

Coco has been able to garner lots of support for her causes through her social networksmainly Twitter and Tumblrbut she’s still getting used to the added exposure. “When I first started in this business I had no voice, and now I’ve evolved into having oneits an interesting transition.”

Speaking of the Twitter, Coco claims that it’s rare that people tweet mean things at her, but she is forced to deal with negativity every now and then. “If someone in Nebraska thinks youre ugly, youre going to hear about it,” James laughed.

“When people tweet something thats a little rude they generally dont use the @ but little do they know we check! So it’s fun if someone writes a tweet thats a little cheeky and you write back and they apologize! They think theyre untouchable, but I can always come back to find them,” Coco added.

While she finds it a little weird that people follow her every move, lookbook and ad campaign online, she’s learning to find the humor in it. “It is pretty funny when someone posts a photo of Coco on her moped! With wet hair! on Twitter or The Fashion Spot, and I’m like, ‘How did they catch that?!’

Photo: MCMULLAN, Sipa