Don’t Marc your calendar


Times have been better for Marc Jacobs. Even he is not immune to the financial difficulties plaguing less successful fashion companies these days.

The recent news from the Jacobs camp is that more than half of those usually invited to the 69th Regiment Armory for Marc Jacobs’ fashion show will not be receiving invitations.

A report in WWD tells us that, whereas in previous seasons the guest list hovered around 2000 lucky invitees (of which 900 were standing tickets), this season it will be whittled to 700, with 200 of those on their feet, and in this case, almost all employees.

Hosting so many people at the shows, which have gained a reputation commensurate with the clothing line (perhaps even eclipsing it in some cases), are an expense to produce an event that in recent years has escalated from mere hottest ticket in town to raucous institution.

Even the showing of celebrities seated in the front row might be paltry, with Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs International, and Marc’s long-term, right hand business partner said to WWD that, “There may be one or two.”

Having booked the venue at the armory over a year ago (in addition to having paid $1 million to settle allegations that the company had bribed the superintendent of the 26th Street Armory to use the location for its fashion shows), Duffy was disinclined to cancel the venue and pay a fee, and claims it is still cheaper to limit the guest list in one of the few buildings in New York City that can hold thousands of people with unobstructed views.

The company nixed their infamous holiday party last year, and this move is seen as another attempt at being fiscally responsible in difficult times. So that might mean not seeing Marc Jacobs in a full-length camel toe costume again for some time….