Donna Rooney



Donna Rooney


Executive Assistant to Elle Macpherson

Favorite Designers and Boutiques:

“You know, actually, in New York a favorite of mine is Pepper and Pistol; she’s a really young designer, shes amazing, (the clothes are) all hand-made, and sequins galore!”

What are you wearing:

“Coat is PPQ, which is a London designer; the bag is obviously Prada, shoes…Uggs, blech; leggings, American Apparel.”

Describe Your Personal Style:

“Personal style is playful but powerful; it depends what mood I wake up in. Somedays I’m like, you know, let’s get the big kind of Balmain shoulder pads on. Somedays I’m like, I want to look like a cupcake, put my heels on, nice bows in my hair; it changes.”

Where are you going:

“We are headed to Stussy to meet some friends, then to the press office at Nike.”