Donatella Versace Will Drop Drugs But Not Stilettos

Spencer Cain

This woman is a straight up gift from the heavens. In light of the upcoming release of Versace for H&M (which is awesome, in case you didn’t already know), Newsweek did a big profile on the woman behind the brand, the irreplaceable and inimitable (unless you’re Maya Rudolph) Donatella Versace.

Anyway, anyone into fashion at all knows that the Versace brand was slammed when the economy crashed a few years back. How did Donatella handle this? By upping her nose candy intake. Her rabid cocaine habit was responsible for her manic and irrational behavior, and those around her were very, very concerned. In fact, Elton John was allegedly the one who pulled her aside and said “Babe, say peace to the powder.” And you know if Sir Elton is telling you that you’re doing too many drugs, it’s REALLY BAD.

Surprisingly, she was receptive to the intervention, which was staged at her daughter Allegra‘s eighteenth birthday. However, there was one thing she was furious about: that she couldn’t wear heels to rehab.

Honestly, can you blame her? No matter how bad her drug habit got, no matter how many gorgeous Italian men it took to lift her up from a silver platter covered in cocaine, she always stood tall in stilettos. We salute you, Donatella, and hope that heels are one habit you never kick.

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