Donatella Versace Brings Some Serious Arm Candy to the Whitney


Yesterday, at the end of another day in the StyleCaster offices, I ran home and promptly began dumping the contents of my overstuffed closets onto my bedroom floor in a frantic search for something, anything, suitable to wear to the Whitney Museum gala. After half an hour of parading in and out of roommate David’s room in dress after unsuitable dress (he rolling his eyes for approximately 29 out of the 30 minutes this was happening), I pulled on an old steel grey silk Derek Lam number I bought three years ago that is now a size too big (whee!), threw some vintage paste brooches in my hair, flung a long crystal necklace onto my head in a makeshift headband, and called it a night. I looked like a young, even-more-demented Miss Havisham. Sigh.

Then, I settled in to watch last week’s Grey’s Anatomy on TiVo while I waited for bff Alex Weiss to pick me up on the way uptown. As is the case each and every week, I nodded knowingly at Meredith Grey’s emotional musings, laughed at Christina’s tirades, and melted at McDreamy’s unmatchable charm. Yes, I’m still obsessed with the show. And yes, I realize I’m probably the only one left. Whatever–you know you secretly love it too.

Anyway, the fact that I was fresh off of my McDreamy high when I caught sight of Patrick Dempsey himself in a bodyguard-protected area of the museum an hour later did nothing to quell my girlish enthusiasm at how incredibly handsome he is in person, in a tux. Miss Donatella Versace, the hostess of the evening, was by his side smiling and chatting people up all night. But then again, I’d be beyond pleasant if I had Dempsey by my side too. Also sighted: a glowing Mariah Carey, a very skinny Christina Ricci, Becki Newton, the Richards sisters, and Bee Shaffer looking stunning in a midnight blue sequined dress.