Don Draper: Mad Men Produces the Most Influential Male Icon, According to Survey

Jessica has just released their yearly survey of the Top 49 Most Influential Men list for 2009. This year’s winner (surprisingly) is Mad Men’s fictional character Don Draper. It seems that “In turbulent 2009, men are seeking the stability of tradition in the masculine qualities that they imagine their fathers and grandfathers to have had,” says James Bassil, Editor-in-Chief of How patriotic, and definitely a refreshing, down-to-earth way of thinking. In times of uncertainty it’s good to go back to the roots that this country was founded on, the American dream, if you will.

The top 10 are as follows:

#2 Usain Bolt
#3 Barack Obama
#4 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
#5 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell
#6 Michael Jackson
#7 Apple Inc. CEO and cancer survivor Steve Jobs
#8 Tennis champ and Anna Wintour favorite Roger Federer
#9 Football star Peyton Manning
#10 Ultimate Fighting championship president Dana White

See rest of list here.