Life-Changing: You Can Now Order a Pizza By Tweeting the Pizza Emoji

ORder Pizza from Domino's using emoji and Twitter

Like you, we’ll get behind anything that makes it easier to order and eat pizza. Simply put: The process of opening an app, entering your order, pay, waiting for delivery guy, is simply way too taxing, and we’re done with it. Done.

Enter Domino’s Pizza’s genius tweet-to-order initiative that will let lazy girls (and guys) everywhere order pizza over Twitter, using just an emoji. Like so:


Throughout the week Domino’s Twitter feed has been a flurry of pizza emoji tweets, and apparently this was actually a cryptic message announcing that the pizza chain will, beginning May 20, start letting customers order over Twitter.

To participate in the initiative, you must connect your Twitter and online Domino’s accounts and set your pizza preferences. Then, you can tweet @Dominos with a pizza emoji to order yourself some pepperoni and cheese (or meatlovers, or whatever floats your boat.)

We’d like to nominate whoever came up with this spectacularly lazy plan for a raise, pronto.

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