Brilliant: This Instagram Account Uses Dolls to Reenact Pop Culture Moments

Beth Stebner
amy schumer kim kardashian kanye west time 100 gala

Amy Schumer falls before the greatness that is Kimye. (Getty)

When it comes to pop culture, the internet does a pretty solid job at capturing them in lightning-fast memes. Jennifer Lawrence’s infamous (and possibly staged?) fall at the Oscars in 2013 became a faux Dior campaign, and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” has been parodied to the point that it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s a real song or not.

And now in the realm of things we never knew we needed, there’s a hilarious account on Instagram that chronicles iconic pop culture moments through the best medium of all—Barbie dolls.

Instagram user @adollworldafterall has recreated dozens of them in the past year, most recently recreating the fall heard around the world when Amy Schumer pranked Kimye at the TIME 100 Gala, falling at their feet and causing Kanye’s body guard to giggle. (It seems like Kanye is actually portrayed by a Mr. T doll, but that only adds to the awesomeness).

But that’s only one of the treasures that awaits you. Not surprisingly, Drake gets several shots, as does the “Shame!” scene from Game of Thrones and Adele’s “Hello,” the music video that will always be etched in our brains.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have important work to do scrolling through this year’s pop culture highlights.