Ouch! Dolce & Gabbana Compared Victoria Beckham to Zara and H&M

Meghan Blalock

The world of fashion is dramatic, to be sure, but it’s rare that established designers publicly speak out against each other. (Although catfights between models are fairly common.) But over the weekend, designer duo Dolce & Gabbana took aim at a seemingly unwitting target: Victoria Beckham.

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Speaking at an event in London, Stefano Gabbana specifically called Becks out according to The Spectator, saying, “For us, she don’t make like a fashion designer. She became one after many, many, many different things.” Domenico Dolce clarified these comments by adding, “Victoria Beckham, Zara, H&M.” Ouch.

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Beckham’s designs skyrocket into the thousands of dollars for something as seemingly simple as a little black dress, so clearly there’s a large divide between her designs and fast fashion, but D&G could be referring to the fact that her pieces are quite simple and basic, or the fact that Victoria reportedly has plans to launch a lower-priced lifestyle line in the near future.

Regardless, considering their own recent financial and legal woes, we hardly think they’re in any place to criticize any of their contemporaries.

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Victoria Beckham Fall 2014 (ImaxTree)