Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced to Jail for 18 Months

Meghan Blalock

It’s official: after what seems like years of legal battles over the fate of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, an Italian court has ruled: the designer duo will go to jail for 18 months for $540 million worth of tax evasion, according to the Wall Street Journal

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The 18-month sentence is, technically speaking, a reduction from the original 20-month sentence the pair first received back in June of last year. They’ve been the past 10 months or so appealing that ruling, and while they did indeed get their sentence reduced by two months, it’s a small victory when you consider that the verdict is still one of guilt, and they will still spend a year and a half in jail.

“I am speechless,” D&G’s attorney, Massimo Dinoia, said of the court’s decision. “We are all shocked. The judgment is inexplicable and we will appeal.”

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In July, a month after the verdict was passed down, the designers made the statement that they would be “forced to close” if the verdict were not overturned. It remains to be seen if that is true, but we can imagine that if the two chief creative directors of a company are behind bars for a long amount of time, things are bound to be impacted.