Doja Just Called Noah Schnapp a ‘Snake’ After He Leaked Her DMs Telling His Co-Star to ‘Hit’ Her ‘Up’

Doja Cat Noah Schnapp
Photo: AP Images

Did we really need to know? Doja Cat called out Noah Schnapp for revealing her DMs about thirsting over his Stranger Things co-star. The 17-year-old actor made a TikTok that featured a screenshot of his messages with the “Woman” singer and Doja took to TikTok live to air out her thoughts.

“To be fair this is like a kid, I don’t know how old he is but he’s not even over like 21,” Doja said on her live on July 7, 2022, about the Stranger Things actor. “When you’re that young you make mistakes, you do dumb s—, you say dumb s—, you f— up relationships with people, you make mistakes like you’re supposed to so you know not to do it in the future,” the Grammy winner explained. “I did my share of f— ups so I don’t f— up again. But the fact that Noah did that is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. That’s like borderline snake s—… that’s like weasel s—. I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality. Noah is not like the definition, like I wouldn’t imagine he is,” she continued. “Maybe he is?”

Doja Cat tweeted on May 30, 2022 calling Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie, “fine as s—.” The On July 7, 2022, Noah made a TikTok that was stitched with a Stranger Things fan saying that Doja and Joseph would make a great couple. His now-deleted TikTok highlighted his conversation with Doja. “noah can u tell Joseph to hmu,” she followed the message with, “wait no. does he have a gf?” Noah replied, “LMAOO slide into his dms.” Doja then clarifies that he didn’t know Joseph’s social media handles and Noah subsequently sent along Joseph’s Instagram profile with “Here you go, ma’am.”

Many fans reacted to the interaction between the two on Twitter and TikTok. One Twitter user said, “doja cat acting like noah schnapp ruined a twenty year marriage between her and joseph quinn.” Another Twitter user tweeted, “doja cat calling noah schnapp a dumb kid like why were you asking a kid for someone’s number i- babes the dude has an instagram why’d you throw in a 17 year old middle man and expect him to not think this is the funniest thing to ever occur.”

The TikTok garnered more than 4.2 million likes and 20.9 million views before it was deleted by Noah. Many fans took to the comments by agreeing with Doja’s thirst over Joseph. Joseph Quinn garnered acclaim on the fourth season of the Netflix original series. His character Eddie was introduced during the season and sparked several viral moments including his epic guitar moment that featured Metallica’s 1986 hit “Master of Puppets.”

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