Fashion Doesn’t Support Gaga? Cathy Horyn Clicks Unfollow

Kerry Pieri

Twitter is a vicious game. One day you get 10 new followers, the next, radio silence. As if that weren’t bad enough to deal with personally, Cathy Horyn took to her On the Runway blog to announce her dismissal of the Gaga from her life Twitter feed:

“IN a week, I told myself, Lady Gagas vintage Versace studs (seen in her new Edge of Glory video) will be history. If that. Never be afraid to dream, she tweeted to her followers, but I had already unfollowed, like a skiff breaking from its moorings. Goodbye!”

That’s like, way harsh. Yet, it gets worst. Even after that icon award, Horyn questions why Versace would even sign on to be included in the video, explaining “she looked embalmed in the black Versace harness (apparently from Gianni Versaces final collection), and I dont know why Donatella Versace said she was honored by Gagas selection, unless, of course, she thought she had to say something nice about the superstar. But a D.O.A. video doesnt help the House of Versace. Be choosier, Ms. Versace.”

Whoa, did Gaga snub Cathy at those awards or something? Give her the evil eye? Flip her the bird?

Horyn continues, before talk of the Pitti Imaginne presentations and the resort collections that, “[she is] inclined to adopt a tougher, Pentagon-like stance about everything.” I’m excited to see what happens when this discerning critic get harsher she did just call Gaga a corpse basically.