Does This Odd/Sexy Marc Jacobs Video Reinforce The Law Suit?

Kerry Pieri

OK, this was definitely all done in good fun, that point is not lost on me. I’m not some Puritan or something. I do, however, wonder if Marc Jacobs’ head honcho Robert Duffy didn’t create and star in this highly sexualized, set in the workplace video at an incredibly odd time considering the lawsuit the brand is facing.

Showcasing Marc Jacobs items – from a blingy diamond cross to a backpack, underwear and cashmere sweater – on a well-toned body double [I’m assuming, of course], set to the sounds of a random rap song, the approximately two minute video is basically a strip tease in a supply closet. In case you need reminding, the lawsuit that a former employee has brought against the brand alleges that Duffy, in particular,”created a hostile work environment where gay porn and pictures of employees in the nude reportedly were on display.” The MJ team denies the claims, obviously.

So, you get where I’m going with this, right?

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