Doctor Who Is Lady Gaga’s Latest Inspiration Plus 5 Characters We Think She Should Emulate


It’s not exactly shocking anymore when Lady Gaga dresses, well, shocking; in fact it would be really jaw-dropping if she stepped on stage in jeans and a sweater set. At the American Music Awards Sunday night, she wore a nude bodysuit, covered in strange bone-like structures, reminiscent of what The Telelgraph thinks looks like the Ood. What’s an Ood, you say? Glad you asked. It’s a creepy evil monster who appeared in Dr. Who, a British sci-fi TV show from the ’60s.

Now we don’t know if she was actually channeling the Brit creature, but we do know she loves drawing inspiration from obscure artistic constructions. In case she’s running across costume block (like writer’s block, guys), here are five creatures we think she should emulate next.


Optimus Prime, from Transformers

Gaga is all about transforming, and the claws plus the face coverage makes this a prime (prime…see what I did there?) outfit to cover her poker face.


Leeloo, from The Fifth Element

The bandage bodysuit and orange hair is probably what Gaga wears to bed, anyway, like the beauty (played by Milla Jovovich) who spoke in gibberish to an astounded Bruce Willis. She might have been a Bad Romance extra, anyway.


Mogwai, from Gremlins

We’re not sure how she would pull this off…but trust us, she would.


Ursula, from The Little Mermaid

With the revealing bustier, tentacles, and man-eater status, the scariest Disney villain is right up Gaga’s alley.


Beetlejuice, from Beetle Juice

Gaga could totally don a tailored striped suit (we’re guessing it would be sheer), and tease the hell out of that hair. Plus dark eye circles for days. Ta-da! Perfect set-up for when she decides she needs a reinvention.