The Doctor is Back In


5th Grade. Celia Franklin’s house. TRL special and “The Way” by Fastball was the #1 video. Up Next: A Brand New Episode of Daria. This was the first time I ever saw an episode of Daria and it marked the start of a new era in the life of little Janice Chou. An ongoing “phase” of dripping sarcasm punctuated with teenage angst and sprinkled with melodramatic awkwardness began.

Beyond my personal transformation, however, cartoon Daria ushered Doc Marten boots to the forefront of everyone’s mind with her uniform of big, bad combat boots and mini-skirts. Daria’s cult following validated Doc Marten’s again. However, Daria was cancelled and as our favorite literary pessimist faded into the recesses of our minds, Doc Marten boots fell to the “ew, what?” wayside.

But oh wait! It was just announced that Raf Simon, the creative director of Jil Sander, is currently working with Doc Marten to revamp and update the brand. Rumored to include even a high-heeled shape, the new line will definitely excite the Darias of the world. While not much has been divulged about this collaboration, the line is set to release for the spring 2009 season and will be available in January.

Now that the boots are settled, where’s a good place to pick up a new pleated mini skirt?

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