Doc Martens Video Interview: PROJECT Las Vegas


The longstanding brand Doc Martens carries a special place in all of our hearts better known as the 90s when Doc Martens hit their commercial peak. Whether you loved their big bad combat boot or their chunky lace ups, Doc Martens are an ever present brand. Doc Martens global marketing director Simon Jobson further explains, “It’s fascinating the fact that they’re a brand that has been picked up, subverted, twisted whatever you want to call it with different cultures throughout its history: the skinheads, the mods, the nemos, and the punk scene. It’s a brand that keeps coming back and reinterpreted by the consumer.”

Watch more of our visit with Simon Jobson who dropped by the PROJECT + StyleCaster booth at PROJECT Las Vegas to give us a sneak peek at the sleeker new Doc Martens for fall!

Project + StyleCaster: Doc Martens from Evan Lane on Vimeo.

Video by Evan Lane. Interview by Karlo Medina.

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