Do You Say No to Karlie and Joe?


You know boys like Joe Jonas. Pretty seems to be their only qualifier for dateability (keep in mind the laundry list of his exes: Demi Lovato, 18, Taylor Swift, 21,Camilla Belle and Ashley Greene, 24) and they break-up with said pretty girls unexpectedly and rashly, making them feel badly about themselves and causing them to question their self esteem, all while he comes off as delightful and almost naive and Disney worthy (OK, maybe that last part is particular to Jonas brothers).

It’s all fun and gossip until he creeps into the heart of one of “our own” – in this case, the stunning Karlie Kloss, this month’s Bazaar cover star.

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When I caught wind that Karlie and Joe sat next to each other at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet club’s polo match two and a half weeks ago, I brushed it off as a busy model in the company of a person of the opposite sex who can empathize with a hectic schedule. Completely innocent. But, apparently, the two are now dating. Fashionista even asked Danielle, the wife of Joe’s older and more committed brother Kevin if she’s met Karlie, to which she answered, “Yes. I like her a lot!”

So sadly, this seems to be actually happening. I don’t want to pry, and keeping an open mind, it is nice to hear that in a matter of 2 weeks of dating, Karlie’s met the fam. But, I mean, she’s a little out of his league no? Stick with the teen queens, Joe, they’re more your speed.