Do You Have to be a Human Hyperlink to Get a Date?

Jessica Hoppe

Have you been seeing these Orwellian-esquebar codes around town? Have you wondered what they are? They areQuick Response (QR) codes — square, checkered symbols that can be scanned with one’ssmartphoneto learn secret information. Fun, huh?

Well, yes it was, especially during fashion week when bar codes were everywhere from cookies, to bus advertisements, to the bodice of a gown. But now a company namedSkanz is selling QR coded bracelets that enable anyone with a smartphoneto unlock the details of your personal life.

Are you having1984-induced panic attacks yet? What if you lost your bracelet? Or worse yet, what if this dangerously tiny device, that with just ascan of your wrist instantly accesses a Web page with your contact information, social media links, even favorite photos and videos, were to wind up in the wrong hands? It’s bad enough we have to worry about losing our wallets or phones, now we must wear our calling cards too?

In their defenseSkanzdoes have a practical purpose for thisprivacy-threatening piece oftech-jewelry.The Times reports the company is targeting professionals and tested the product with the attendeesofConsumer Electronics Week. The result was positive. Chief marketing officer of QR Media Group, which ownsSkanz,Tammy Lewis explains the gadget worked perfectly to plan,”…nobody exchanged business cards. Instead they were scanning each other to exchange their personal information.”

The company would also like you to take note of another nifty reason to keep yourbusinASS at your fingertips: dating. Yesterday I expressed the frustrating feeling caused by missed opportunitesfor love in particular on the subway. Well now you can connect in an instant — catch that girl or guy on the street, subway, bar…wherever strikes your fancy really. All it takes is a scan.

[Image Via New York Times]

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