Do You Dress for Women or Men?


Are you the type of lady who mismatches fabrics and prints, and pairs interesting pieces with one another? If the answer is yes, you’re probably one of the many who dresses for the ladies. Throwing caution to the wind, you strut style confidently, creating an original look; one that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard your girlfriends try. You have impeccable taste and an eye for color. However there is one thing that you may lack: sex appeal.

The true Style Setter sometimes loses sight of, well, her body. If you’re dressing for the ladies, you’re probably thinking: who cares if I show off a little leg, when I could cover it up with an amazing legging? Not every guy enjoys rubbing his legs against beaded stockings in a movie, and there are certainly ladies who pick up on that.

Do you take special note of your body, and look in the mirror wondering if he would think this is hot? If yes, you’re definitely dressing for the gents. You know how to accentuate your curves with clothing choices and aren’t ashamed to expose your best features. Mini dresses, skirts, pumps, and plunging necklines are staples in your closet. Getting a guy’s phone number is about as easy as tying a shoelace; you bend down and four guys rush over to help. Sex appeal and sensuality define your style.

Not sure which category you fit into? Take a glimpse of these amazing spring runway looks, and see which style fits you best.

Do you see yourself wearing Alexander McQueen or Herve Leger?


Guys would probably wonder if you were from outer space, where as girls would grovel on their knees for this look by McQueen. In Herve Leger, now the guys are drooling, and the girls… probably jealous that you can pull off such a sexy mini.

Would you be more likely to wear D&G or Chanel?


Sweet as can be, a true fashionista would die for Chanel in the country, but if it’s a guy’s heart you’re after, you’d pick this sexy D&G look every time.

How would you prefer to wear green, the Marni way or the Versace way?


Mismatching stripes on stripes, and an amazing headpiece are all elements of a ladies lady. With a plunging neckline and a whole lot of leg, your style is sure to please any guy’s eye.