Do Women Who Drink More Really Weigh Less?

Kerry Pieri


Anyone who’s taken a spin around the latest diet— Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean etc.– has learned that alcohol packs a high calorie punch. But who ever said science was always logical? Recent research suggests that ladies who consume judicious amounts of alcohol were less likely to gain weight and were at an overall lower risk for obesity, when compared to their straight-edge friends.

Reported in the The New York Times via the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study monitored the drinking habits of approximately 19,000 women over a 13 year period. It concluded that the non-drinkers in the study gained a substantial amount more weight than those who imbibed one to two drinks per day.

Sorry frat boys, this study isn’t holding up for guys. It seems women tend to substitute drinks for food in a given day, while men simply add alcohol to their daily caloric consumption. Also to note, is that having a couple of tequila shots may actually increase women’s metabolisms– but again, don’t get excited fellas– this does not hold true for you.

Although no one is suggesting drinking a daily six-pack to drop some lbs, perhaps it’s not so bad to head to happy hour and skip the gym every now and then. Cheers!

Remember that you can still make diet-conscious choices when ordering a cocktail. Below are our recommendations for lower-calorie behind-the-bar options:

1. Opt for light beer
The alcohol content remains the same, but light beers on average have about 50 fewer calories than their regular counterparts (approximately 150 versus 100 calories per serving). Try an MGD 64, which recently hit the market and contains even lower caloric levels than typical light beers, at just 64 calories.

2. Be a wino
Ok, not really. But wine has about 100 calories per 5-oz glass for white and 105 calories for red, which is better than a lot of other sugary cocktails. To cut down on calories even further, opt for a white wine spritzer, which is 3/4 dry white wine mixed with 1/4 club soda or water.

3. Mind your mixers
Considering that a shot of vodka on its own has about 64 calories, and rum has 75, be aware of what you’re adding on top of that. Always order low-sugar drinks like a vodka with club soda or sugar-free Red Bull. Also, keep in mind that a rum and coke has about 250 calories while a rum and diet coke has just over 100.

4. Beware of the tropical cocktail menu
Nothing says summer like a frozen margarita or strawberry daiquiri. But, at around 300 calories each per chilly beverage– weigh your options of either enjoying a poolside drink because you’re hot, or keeping your body looking hot poolside. Cut down by asking your cabana boy for a maragarita on the rocks instead, which has about half the calories.

5. Champers
Although it’s often the drink of choice among the fashion set, champagne has about 165 calories in a 6.5 ounce flute. When the champagne is flowing, well, like champagne, ask if a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne is available– it’s a Kate Moss favorite that has no added sugar.

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