Do Plus Sized Women Want To Be Segregated?

Kerry Pieri

You know how sometimes you look at ShopBop or that super skinny chick from The City on Revolve Clothing and you’re all, that dress/pants/jacket looks so cute, but then you have to rethink a little when you realize it might not look like that on you because you’re not eight feet tall and weigh 80 pounds? What if they didn’t even sell your size on those sites?

In the little microcosm that is the NY fashion world, sometimes we forget about the rest of the country and the big and beautiful chicks that inhabit it, and there’s a lot of them. In fact, the average U.S. woman wears a size 14 with an estimated 56 percent of American women wearing plus sizes.

Aimee Cheshire and Erica Young have worked in the plus industry for years and decided to fill a gap with MadisonPlus, a curated e-commerce site complete with blog and E-zine for the under-served plus sized market.

Was this a niche that needed to be filled or is it just another way of separating plus sized women from the rest of the fashion pack?

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