Do or Don’t: Ear Jewelry


We’re always up for the next trend. That said, the line is fine between fashion legend and victim. The latest item on our radar is ear jewelry. No, we’re not talking about earrings. These new pieces curl around your ear, cuffing it and dangling to either perfection or creepiness.

Han Cholo partnered with Lovemade to create serpent-inspired pieces that curl delicately around your ear with chains that drop down mid-back. Litter SF takes an edgier route with their feather ear cuff that is both a bit vintage and a bit rock ‘n’ roll. By far the nerdiest (in a good way, of course) has to be Bijules NYC‘s Gelfling Ear Tip.

So, will you be channeling Leonard Nimoy at next year’s ComiCon or playing Cleopatra with her snakes?



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