Do the Designer Shuffle: Raf Simons to YSL?


It seems like every major fashion label is doing the designer shuffle these days. Most recently, rumors have been stirring that Jil Sander’s Creative Director Raf Simons may be moving to YSL.

It’s like keeping up with who’s dating who on a CW show.

Jil Sander maintains that Simons will stay put at the house he’s ruled since 2005. But just like we learned back in high school, while rumors might not all be true, they don’t come out of thin air.Stefano Pilati, the current Creative Director at YSL is also rumored to be making a jump to Armani.

According to WWD, the rumors are not true. They even went as far as to mention that Simons’ contract with Jil Sander was just renewed on June 18th.

The void left by John Galliano at Christian Dior caused a similar hype regarding designer relocations, mainly about Marc Jacobs making a transfer to the iconic French label. Like the suspicions surrounding Raf Simons, reps for Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton never confirmed the move and thus far Jacobs remains in his position at LV.

We need a flow chart for all this. It’s making our heads spin.