You can now follow the gal behind @DKNY: Welcome/congratulate @AlizaLicht to Twitter! (...well, sort of).

@DKNY’s PR Girl Aliza Licht Gets Personal On Twitter

Monica Burton

is one brand that has got the Twitter thing down pat. You may already be following the official “DKNY PR GIRL” (@dkny), but head’s up, there’s now a second Twitter account for lovers of the brand to follow. The “PR Girl” behind the verified account has finally made a new, personal Twitter account!

Meet Aliza Licht–a “dkny pr girl, native new yorker, lover of candy [sic],” and she’ll be tweeting as @alizalicht in addition to keeping up with that other Twitter handle.

Since yesterday, Aliza has been Tweeting about her life as a 15-year DKNY insider, so start following to stay on top of all the DKNY info the Twitterverse has to offer.

And if you have any questions about the brand, try shooting them over to @alizalicht, who seems happy to Tweet back answers– it’s things like this that really makes Twitter great.