DKNY – All Over The City


Donna Karan celebrated her 20 year anniversary with an opening video of all things New York. Everyday sights, scenes and sounds that make up my urbanite lifestyle were captured and displayed in a 45 second clip that ended with an image of the enormous DKNY ad on Houston Street. It was a quick glimpse of things all over New York City. In hindsight, it was the perfect prelude to the entire collection. The overall theme felt like the clothes were designed for a number of different personalities that you would encounter on any given block in this great city. Rocker, chic, sexy, sporty, sleek, modern, basic, uniforms – check, check, check, check. And check. It was all there. I would guess that the overall theme was really an homage to girls all over the city. I’m not sure though, since I was too fixated on popping open the bottle of bubbly waiting for me at my seat.