Jazz Up Your Boring Desk Space with These DIY Supply Boxes

i spy diy color block box

Photo: Courtesy of I Spy DIY

Two things that make my crafty mind jump for joy: Office supplies and storage. Combine those with color blocking, and I am in love!

One of my favorite things to do is find different uses for everyday items, and these kitchen utensil holders were a perfect fit for my many pens, pencils, clips, tape, etc.

These would work great in a drawer, but since they are so fun looking, I could not help but display them on my desk. Steps and supplies, below!

i spy diy color block box supplies

Photo: Courtesy of I Spy DIY

What you need:
Bamboo drawer organizers
Painter’s tape
Spray paint

i spy diy color block box steps

Photo: Courtesy of I Spy DIY

What you do:

Step 1: Using painter’s tape, create a diagonal line starting at the corner of the drawer organizer, which will be where you apply the color.

Step 2: With the exception of the portion that will be spray painted, tape the remainder of the box off to ensure that the color doesn’t spread.

Step 3: Spray paint the tray and let dry. Then pull off the tape.

Step 4: Add your supplies!

i spy diy color block box final

Photo: Courtesy of I Spy DIY

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