How to DIY Screen-Printed Pillows That Are Made for Instagram

Dream Pillow


You all got a sneak peek into my apartment yesterday, now it’s time to show you some of the DIY projects! I knew the first on my to-do list was to decorate my bedroom because I love to catch up on some ZZZs.

My goal for this room was to keep it basic with a bit of a summer-camp vibe, adding a little splash of color with my blanket from Mexico. To further make my bed an oasis for relaxation, I created cute eye pillows to accent the room.

I love to include white, crisp cotton fabric in my design because it goes with any decor and brightens a room up. Plus, cotton sheets are perfect for keeping comfortable on a hot summer night. They’re super soft, breathable, and they guarantee a (desperately needed) good night’s sleep.

For the steps and supplies, check out the video below, and more details are after the break!

What you need:

White Cotton Pillowcases
Iron-On Fabric
Iron-On Letters
Permanent Marker

What you do:

Step 1: Lay your piece of iron-on fabric on a flat surface with the film side up, and draw an open eye and a winking eye with a permanent marker. If you need practice perfecting your design, draw some practice sketches in a notebook first.

Step 2: Next, cut your images out and lay them on the pillowcase with the shiny, film side facing down. If you have individual pieces that overlap, make sure you iron on one layer at a time to ensure that every piece completely sticks.

Step 3: Set your iron to the “cotton/linen” setting and iron the pieces to the pillowcase.

Step 4: Peel off the backing of the iron-on fabric to reveal your new pillowcases.

Step 5: To add text to a pillowcase, decide on the message that you want and arrange the iron-on letters on the pillowcase.

Step 6: Make sure that the iron is set to the “cotton/linen” setting and iron the letters to the pillowcase, then peel away the backings of the letters once they are attached.

Step 7: Finally, stuff your new pillowcases for a post-DIY nap.

Dream Pillow


Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always creating her own style. If she saw something in a magazine that she couldn’t find in her local department store, she would make it herself. After moving to New York City, Jenni started a career at InStyle magazine, working as a graphic designer and DIY columnist. The column evolved into a website,, and a book, I Spy DIY Style. I Spy DIY has moved into a warehouse studio space, where Jenni and her team teach classes, host DIY events, and continue to create crafty content for the website. Follow along on Instagram at @ispydiy.