10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Any Bedroom

Leah Bourne

After a long day at the office, nothing is quite as thrilling as climbing into bed. However, it’s even more thrilling when your bed—the focal point of everyone’s bedroom—looks as inviting as it feels.

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One key component to perfecting the way that your bed looks is the all-important headboard. No need to run out to your nearest furniture store and buy something that’s been pre-made just to have something. Some of the most gorgeous headboards around are of the do-it-yourself variety.

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Read on for our 10 favorite sources of inspiration for DIY headboards.

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Photo: Via Fancy House Road

1. The Wall of Letters Headboard

Personalize your bedroom, and create an original headboard in the process, hanging various letters over your bed. Graphic, and fun, this idea won’t break the bank either.


Photo: Via Architecture Art Designs

2. The Quilt Headboard

Installing a hanging rod above your bed to display a quilt will kill two birds with one stone. First, you are creating a spot to store what is probably a pretty bulky quilt. And two, you are creating a gorgeous headboard in the process.


Photo: Via Architecture Art Designs

3. The Hanging Photos Headboard

Considering that your bedroom is the most personal of the rooms in your home, why not string black and white photos above your bed? Another reason this DIY headboard is so great is that you can easily change out what photos you are hanging, so you never have to worry about getting sick of what is on your walls.

pegboardheadboard2 10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Any Bedroom

Photo: Via Sugar and Cloth

4. The DIY Pegboard Headboard

Pegboards can have a use outside of the office! Create your very own mood board DIY headboard using a pegboard, which you can use to hang everything from a painting to a potted plant. It doesn’t get more creative than this.

Photo: Via Shelterness

Photo: Via Shelterness

5. The Fireplace Headboard

Have a fireplace in your bedroom and not quite sure what to do with it (a great decor problem to have, it should be noted). Push your bed against the fireplace and have it act as a creative headboard.


Photo: Via Architecture Art Designs

6. The DIY Art Piece Headboard

All you need to recreate this very cool headboard is a few planks of wood, paint, a hammer, and some nails. The result is a headboard that basically a decor masterpiece.

cool headboard ideas 061 10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Any Bedroom

Photo: Via Shelterness

7. Art as a Headboard

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a pricey headboard, sometimes your favorite piece of art will do the trick perfectly. Just make sure the piece that you choose is large enough in width to be a backdrop to your entire bed.

cool headboard ideas 016 10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Any Bedroom

Photo: Via Fancy House Road

8. The Bookshelf Headboard

For those short on space in their bedroom, have your headboard double as storage by creating a headboard from a bookshelf. Get creative with what you display, and it will be a decor knockout.

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Photo: Via Style Motivation

9. The Wall of Books Headboard

Quite possibly the most inventive use of books ever, this headboard is as literary as they come (maybe you’ll even get smarter as you sleep beside it).

81f22590ec6d586e1c17f66524572335 10 DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Any Bedroom

Photo: Via My Home Ideas

10. Hanging Fabric Headboard

This guest room is a knockout thanks to paisley “headboards” hung from homemade valences. It is a look that would work in almost any bedroom, and it is flexible because you can choose whatever fabric you want.