Fashion Easter Eggs! DIY Your Own Runway-Inspired Eggs

Leah Bourne
Fashion Easter Eggs! DIY Your Own Runway-Inspired Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a time-honored tradition that actually dates back to the 1600s—but we’re about to bring the custom into the 21st century by ditching chicks and pastels and coloring some Easter eggs that are all about fashion instead.

This year, we decided to up our egg-dyeing game and move on from classic food coloring-dyed eggs to something a little more, well, stylish. To give the tradition a fashionable spin, we enlisted the help of Brooklyn-based event design company Tinsel & Twine, founded by Erica Taylor and Liz Castelli, to conceptualize Easter eggs inspired by standout runway looks from Spring collections past.

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The looks we used as inspiration for our DIY Easter eggs ranged from the Pantone-inspired dresses at Chanel to the ombre organza frocks at Fendi. Read on to see our DIY guide on how you can create these fashion-inspired Easter eggs yourself—just in time for the holiday. Easter has never looked so fashionable!


1. Prada Easter Eggs

To get the deep black color of this egg, start by using an egg stand and painting the egg with chalkboard paint, leaving an approximate circle in the center of the egg. Do your best to mimic the look of the eyes and nose with the black paint and then use red to paint the lips. Finish the egg with circular stickers in primary colors that you can pick up at pretty much any arts and crafts supply store.


2. Chanel Easter Eggs

Create this look using watercolor paints. The brushstrokes don’t have to be perfect—in fact, creating a look that isn’t exact is the best way to mimic this Chanel spring dress. Go for a color palette of lilac, yellow, orange, blue, lemon, grass green, and black.


3. Dries Van Noten Easter Eggs

Using an egg stand, paint just half of an egg black, and then add gold foil (you can also get this at pretty much any art supply store) with super glue. Voila! A designer egg that is surprisingly simple to create.


4. Fendi Easter Eggs

To create a trio of eggs inspired by this gorgeous ombre maxi dress from the Fendi runway, dye your eggs in three variations of blue—one in a very pale blue, one in aqua blue, and one in sky blue. Need a refresher on how to dye eggs? We’ve got one right here.


5. Céline Easter Eggs

Start on the Céline egg by first dying your egg a deep blue. After it has dried—make sure it’s completely dry!—use a classic red paint color and a paint brush to create the graphic brushstrokes that made this one of the hottest runway looks of the season. Even if your strokes don’t exactly mimic the look, you’ll end up with one seriously cool modernist-inspired egg.

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Photography By Tommy Mendes for StyleCaster; Runway Images: Imaxtree

Originally published April 2014. Updated April 2017.