7 Days of Gift Wrapping Ideas: DIY Paper With Cupcake Wrappers

The holidays are fast approaching and here at StyleCaster, we’ve got one thing on our minds: gifts, gifts, and more gifts!  Whether you’re buying for your mom, your significant other, or even the mailman, you want to make sure to present your present in style. But, after all the thought you put into finding the perfect gift, who has the time for thinking about a beautiful, creative way to wrap it?  That’s where we come in.  We got our craft on and are thrilled to bring you seven days of DIY gift wrapping ideas! 

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Today we’re heading into the kitchen and taking good old fashioned cupcake wrappers and turned them into ultra glam gift wrapper.

Day 5: Cupcake Wrapper Gift 

1. Craft Paper
2. Double sided tape
3. Ribbon
4. Monogram initial cut outs

Wrap your gift in craft paper as usual. Take cupcake wrappers of your choice and flatten them out. You can use a roller or a simple table edge to get them really flat.  Line the wrappers with double sided tape and start to cover your entire box in a pattern that looks like fans. The pattern can be as simple or intricate as you like—be creative! Tie a black ribbon around the box and add cute monogram initial cut outs instead of a card.


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