DIY Blogger Spotlight: Kristen Turner of Glitter ‘N Glue, Plus A Chic Bracelet To Make For $5!

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DIY Blogger Spotlight: Kristen Turner of Glitter ‘N Glue, Plus A Chic Bracelet To Make For $5!
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Around here, we’re pretty fascinated with the DIY phenomenon, especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the ability to see something you like and recreate it yourself, or have the creative smarts to dream up ways to make something you’re simply not finding anywhere else. That’s why we decided to catch up with a few of our favorite DIY bloggers throughout the month to get the scoop on things like what prompted them to start creating, what’s been their favorite projects to date, and what projects have particularly challenging.

First up, L.A.-based DIY blogger Kristen Turner of Glitter “N Glue, who not only filled us in on the above, but also provided us with a cool project (a super-chic skinny arrow cuff) to try now. Read on!

StyleCaster: What made you start DIYing? Were you always crafty?
Kristen Turner:
I’ve always been a crafty person, but I started DIYing a few fashion pieces because I’d maxed out a few credit cards and was basically on a shopping/ spending freeze—aka I was broke! A few friends wanted me to make them some of the things I made, but I decided to take photos and put it on a blog so they could make them for themselves. That’s basically how the blog started.

What’s been your favorite/most satisfying project to date?
My button ring project—it’s the project that keeps on giving! I first posted the project over a year ago and recently did an updated version with an emerald green button. I’m always on the hunt for fancy buttons to make a new ring.

What’s been the most challenging project?
The truth is, if it becomes too difficult while I’m making it I usually give up and those projects never make it to the site. I like my projects to be so simple and easy that anyone can do them.

What types of projects to your suggest for beginner DIYers?
Keep it simple! I love projects that have one or two steps and just a few materials. Paint something, glitter something or thread something. Sometimes just little transformations can breathe new life into your closet.

Why do you think fashion and lifestyle DIYing has become so massively popular?
Because they’re so inspirational! We love looking at pretty pictures and browsing the internet for inspirational ideas that we can actually make ourselves.

When you’re not DIYing, what are you doing?
Shopping for vintage jewelry

How do you decide if something is worth making, as opposed to just buying?
If the project seems too time consuming or if the material cost is high, I usually just buy it. [But] as much as I’d like to purchase them from the store, luxury items always seem to be a DIY do!

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Read our Q&A below with Kristen Turner of Glitter 'N Glue, and learn to make a super-chic arrow cuff for $5 (seriously!)

This arrow cuff can be yours in 3 simple steps!

Materials: Hoop earrings (try these or these!), stud earrings (and these!), glue, a pair of nippers

Use your nippers to remove the findings on the hoop earring. 

Tip: Wider hoops work better that skinny ones. I purchased these from Forever 21, but if you can't get your hands on a pair try using a light metal bracelet or simply bend a thick wire to fit around your wrist.

Repeat the process and remove the findings on the studs. Be sure the back of the earring is as flat a possible.

Use the glue to apply the studs to the end of the hoop earring. Allow time to dry.

Voila! Your own super-chic skinny bracelet.

The blogger herself, Kristen Turner!

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