Jenni Radosevich Of I Spy DIY On How To Make Your Own Colorful Wrap Bracelets

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Jenni Radosevich Of I Spy DIY On How To Make Your Own Colorful Wrap Bracelets
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Around here, we’re pretty fascinated with the DIY phenomenon, especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the ability to see something you like and recreate it yourself, or have the creative smarts to dream up ways to make something you’re simply not finding anywhere else. That’s why we decided to catch up with a few of our favorite DIY bloggers throughout the month to get the scoop on things like what prompted them to start creating, what’s been their favorite projects to date, and what projects have particularly challenging.

Next up, New York City-based mega DIY blogger Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY whose inspiring blog (and book!) is filled with ingenious projects that span everything from of-the-moment jewelry to chic home decor goods. Here, Jenni not only filled us in on how she got her DIY start, but also provided us with a cool project to try just in time for spring and summer: colorful thread-wrapped bracelets to stack. Read on!

StyleCaster: What made you start DIYing? Were you always crafty?
Jenni Radosevich: I started off young with an obsession with puffy paint, tie dye and friendship bracelets and—lucky for me—when some of those trends came back in style I was set with an arsenal of supplies to recreate my own versions for less.

What’s been your most successful project to date?
Hands down, my reader’s  favorite project has been my chain & rhinestone bracelet. Ironically, I posted it on a whim thinking [people] would find it too difficult, but I still have readers tweeting me pics of the ones they made! All my bracelets have been the biggest hits on my site, and it was even put into production and sold for a limited time.

What types of projects to your suggest for beginner DIYers?
I alway suggest bracelets, because they’re low commitment, usually not too expensive, easy to make, don’t need a lot of supplies, are on trend, and can be worn everyday!

What’s your dream DIY project?
I really like making jewelry, so my dream would to have a jewelry making workshop and have all my favorite people over to create their own signature piece.

Why do you think fashion and lifestyle DIYing has become so popular?
I’m blown away by how DIY took the Internet by storm. Crafting has always been popular, but slap a new, hip acronym on it and now it’s a huge trend. I couldn’t be more excited because I’ve been making fashion since I was little, and now I can make a career out of it!

What are your other hobbies?
A lot of time this summer is going to be spent on my Lower East Side roof hanging with friend, not sure if that’s a hobby, but it’s super fun. Besides that, I like going to Flea Markets and thrifting.

How do you decide if something is worth making, as opposed to just buying?
I try to DIY as much as possible, but if it’s going to be more expensive or take a ridiculous about of time to make yourself, then you might want to go ahead and buy.

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Click through and learn to make Jenni's cool stackable color-wrapped bracelets!

What you'll need: Scissors, buttons, leather rope, craft cord/thread

First, double up the rope and cut a piece long enough to wrap around your wrist 2.5 times.

Next, pick four colors you like!

After you have your colors, line the ends of the thread with the loop in the middle of your leather rope.

Make a knot with the leather rope and thread, leaving a large enough loop for your button to go through. 

Start wrapping you first color cord around the leather rope and the other strings of craft cord.

Continue to wrap alternating colors

Keep wrapping ... 

When you reach the end, tie the craft cord around leather rope, then double knot.

Next, thread the leather rope through the button hole.

Double knot and cut off the excess ends. Note: Jenni says she always like to dot a little superglue on the knots for extra hold.

Secure on your wrist by putting the button through the loop, and stack a bunch!

Voila! The perfect spring and summer accessory! 

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