Lazy Girl’s DIY: Get Rodarte’s Acid-Washed Top In Minutes

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All you ’90s kids rejoice: Acid wash is having a fashion moment yet again. When we saw it strut down Rodarte’s Fall 2013 runway we did what any label-loving, salary-less student would do: cry. But then, in true grunge fashion, we took to the contents of our under-the-sink cabinet and emerged with spray bottle and bleach in hand, ready to put our own spin on the trend. Find out how to recreate the acid-washed look yourself (minus the traditional acid wash process) in a few (super simple) steps below.

acid wash and tie dye at rodarte fall 2013

What You'll Need

What You’ll Need:

A dark-colored T-shirt (cotton fabric works best), bleach, and a spray bottle. (Make sure you wear clothes you won’t mind ruining—bleach can do some serious damage!)

Step 1

Step 1:

Pour bleach into the spray bottle. Working outside (or in a well-ventilated area), start spraying the T-shirt. Press down lightly on the spray nozzle to achieve a “splatter” effect.

Step 2

Step 2:

Let the shirt dry (the bleach spots will slowly lighten to a bright white). When dry, thoroughly rinse the shirt with water and send it through a wash cycle alone.

Finished (1)

Step 3:


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