Dixie D’Amelio Talks Her New Coffee Collab, TikTok Impulse Buys & More

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Dixie D’Amelio Talks Her New Coffee Collab, TikTok Impulse Buys & More

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There’s no doubt singer and social media star Dixie D’Amelio has graced a number of your feeds. She’s a Renaissance woman who’s captured the attention of millions and grown a loyal fan base thanks to her TikTok videos, song and brand collaborations. What’s next for the girl who’s already doing it all? D’Amelio has newly joined forces with The Original Donut Shop (a.k.a. arguably one of the most delicious Keurig K-cup pod makers on the market).

They might not be the dynamic duo you expected this holiday season, but they’re the ones you need. So, what exactly did the social media sensation create with Keurig? The two have whipped up a scrumptious and stylish giveaway that features The Original Donut Shop’s new, limited-edition One-Step Red Velvet Latte K-cup pods and a bright red Puma tracksuit, designed by D’Amelio.

You’re going to want to hurry on over to D’Amelio’s Instagram, where the giveaway is happening as we speak. Enter to get the chance to score one of 25 tracksuits. But do it fast because the giveaway ends at the end of the day on December 4, and lucky winners will be announced the following day.

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There’s no need to fret if you don’t win the giveaway, though. You can stock up on the One-Step Red Velvet Latte K-cup pods on Amazon. We strongly suggest you order a few boxes and give them to your loved ones as holiday gifts. We can’t think of a single person who doesn’t love a cup of joe with a sweet twist!

Keep reading for more of the juicy deets on this collab. D’Amelio spoke with STYLECASTER about how this partnership came about, why she chose the PUMA tracksuit to put her touch on, how she takes her coffee, and her TikTok-inspired impulse purchases.

The Original Donut Shop One-Step Red Velvet Latte K-cup pods Amazon

Courtesy of The Original Donut Shop.

You might be wondering how a TikTok star teams up with a coffee company, but Dixie tells STYLECASTER she knew right away they’d be a great match. “I really love working with companies that I actually enjoy and love,” says D’Amelio. “When I tried the Red Velvet Latte, I knew it would be perfect because I actually am obsessed with this drink.”

We can see why D’Amelio can’t get enough of this coffee flavor. It’s the perfect drink for getting into the holiday spirit! It features the taste of cream cheese frosting and, of course, cocoa. She says it tastes just like a slice of red velvet cake, which has a lot more meaning to her than you’d expect.

“I grew up eating red velvet
all the time. It was my mom’s favorite cake, so it was obviously mine because my mom is my best friend,” says D’Amelio. “The second I tried it, it just brought me right back to my childhood, and
I love it so much,” she adds. 

Plus, it’s super easy to enjoy. The singer says she doesn’t need to add anything else to her Red Velvet Latte, making it the ideal drink for when she’s always on the go. But when she does want to give her latte a fancy finish, she knows exactly what to do. Just like us, there are things that TikTok made D’Amelio buy. One of her recent purchases includes a milk frother. “I’ve actually been using it on my Red Velvet Latte drinks,” she shares.

You, too, can step up your coffee game with the help of Zulay’s Original Milk Frother

Zulay Original Milk Frother Amazon

Courtesy of Zulay.

And when she does have more time on her hands, D’Amelio goes into full barista mode and makes a cup of the Red Velvet Latte topped with whipped cream and sprinkles

Now that you’ve heard all about the limited-edition K-cup pods, you’re probably curious about the festive tracksuit. I mentioned earlier. “I am very into athleisure. That’s basically what I wear every day. I love being comfortable when I can,” shares D’Amelio when asked about how she decided on the PUMA set to include in the giveaway.

“I also work with Puma, so I thought it’d be perfect to bring a few things that I love together,” she adds. And designing something with comfort as the top priority makes total sense. It’s what the holidays are all about—snuggling up by the fire while wearing your coziest ’fit and sipping your fave holiday beverage!

We honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. So, load up on The Original Donut Shop’s One-Step Red Velvet Latte K-cup pods while you still can. They’re limited-edition, meaning now is your chance to satisfy your caffeine fix in the sweetest, most Dixie D’Amelio-approved way possible.

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