15 Celebrities Who Got Divorced Before They Turned 30

Ah, marriage. A lovely institution, but one that also comes with risks nobody likes to think about, namely divorce. The potential for things not turning out happily ever after for folks who tie the knot at a young age is especially strong —there’s always a chance that as they age, they’ll grow apart from their spouse, and generally want different things.

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Take, for example, Hilary Duff, who earlier this year announced that her marriage to retired hockey player Mike Comrie would be ending after just three years. The 26-year-old actress maintains that she and Comrie  will stay friends, but that the “spark” was no longer in the relationship.

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Of course, Duff isn’t the first famous young woman to go through a public divorce at a young age, and she definitely won’t be the last.Click through the gallery above to see 15 stars who got divorced before they turned 30, and let us know: Did you think any of these marriages were made to last?