No doubt about it. Thrice-divorced Jennifer Lopez is looking better than ever.

Dear Jennifer Lopez: That Divorce Looks Great On You

Deanna Clevesy

A mere four hours after her ex-husband officially filed his divorce papers, Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a sexy “bondage dress” and waltzing across the stage of  American Idol looking as fabulous as ever (ironically wearing a necklace that spelled out “Love”). To add insult to injury, she’s also been parading around the world in the latest fashions with her 25 year-old boy-toy Casper Smart adorned on her arm like a Birkin bag. Her latest music video for “Dance Again” also features her new BF suggestively dancing all up on her while she sings “I’d love to make love to you baby” as she slides around in glitter body paint.

Is it just us…or does that divorce look really great on her?

Kim Kardashian is also stealing headlines with her new post-marriage style: “the morning after.” Yes, you read that correctly. Like spotting a liger in the wild, or discovering Bigfoot’s tracks, Kim has recently been photographed leaving Kanye West’s apartment (is that an upgrade from Kris Humphries?) in the same clothes as the night before. This would normally be a Kardashian no-no, but like J-Lo, Kim’s post-divorce style is evolving into something new and exciting and we’re not totally mad about it. Her confidence is more attractive than anything her glam squad could create anyway.

Jennifer and Kim aren’t the only women that have come out of a divorce looking more wonderful than ever. How can we forget Reese Witherspoon at the 2007 Oscars post-Ryan Phillipe? Even Scarlett Johansson stepped onto The Avengers red carpet this week wearing a Versace dress that basically screamed, “Look who’s sorry now, Ryan Reynolds!”

As long as these ladies are moving on and moving up (both in style and in men) let’s be happy for them. Take a peek at JLo’s super (and somewhat controversial) style in the slideshow above!

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