The Dumb New Question Dividing the Internet Today: Is This Person Wearing Pants?

Sorry to do this to you—and your Facebook feed—but there’s a new, fairly ridiculous question dividing the Internet today, and it has nothing to do with a dress or a cat. But it does have to do with pants and whether one specific person is wearing them.

This snap of a person checking into a luxury hotel has divided the Internet today, with people going into overdrive trying to determine whether or not this traveler really is naked from the waist down—or just wearing a very questionable pair of beige pants.

It was first posted to the Passenger Shaming Facebook account overnight, where thousands of followers have already liked, shared, and commented. One commenter suggested “That is a woman wearing very unflattering beige leggings,” while others point out there is a small color difference between the ankle and feet which suggests (hopefully!?) cuffs of beige pants. However, lots of other Facebook users claim they can see thick leg hair in the photo—so he/she must be sans pants.

OK, we’ve got to admit this looks like a nude shot—surely those are skin folds at the back of the knee!?—which begs this question: Why is anyone checking into a hotel without clothes? Over to you on this one—what do you think’s going on in this photo?