Dissecting The Outfit: Kristen Stewart’s Messy-Tomboy Red Carpet Look

Spencer Cain

kristen stu1 Dissecting The Outfit: Kristen Stewarts Messy Tomboy Red Carpet Look

After a whirlwind tour promoting the final installment of “The Twilight Saga” that featured some of her all-time best looks (like that stunning sheer Zuhair Murad gown), Kristen Stewart showed up yesterday to a Variety event in L.A. wearing a misguided ensemble that left a lot to be desired. We’ve always admired K-Stew’s affinity for tomboyish looks—and the fact that she stays true to them despite the millions of dollars in her bank account—but something about this getup wildly missed the mark. Below, a full dissection.

The Pants: We were pleasantly surprised to discover the pants were by Juicy Couture, seeing as we’re still hung up on visions of pink velour when we hear the words “Juicy” and “pants” in same sentence. We like the fit and cool plaid pattern, but the rest of the outfit didn’t do ’em justice.

The T-shirt: Her sheer A.P.C. v-neck is a wardrobe staple, but it looks out of place at this high profile event, especially with the pants. If she had gone for a white oxford or another menswear-inspired piece like a structured blazer over the tee (a look often found on stars like Gwen Stefani), this could have been a total win.

The Bracelet: She might look disheveled, but the $7,500 gold Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet on her arm reminds us that, yes, no matter how ratty her gear, she can still afford a nearly-$10K bracelet that looks like a nail.

The Shoes: We’re into these masculine Cole Haan Oxfords, particularly with the plaid pants, but its hard to resist thinking the Converse queen snagged them from Robert Pattinson‘s closet as she was rushing out the door.

The Hair: Although she glams it up when she has to in the hair department, it’s clear Kristen’s favorite hairdo is no-do. This was a daytime event, so we’ll give her a pass for not fully pulling it together. She can keep those messy tresses, but a little extra shine and a quick pass with a hairbrush wouldn’t have killed the movie star.

The Bra: The exposed black bra definitely works after hours, but here it just looks sloppy and inappropriate (not that she cares).

The Makeup: The “last night’s eyeliner” look is Kristen’s calling card, so we’ll give her this one.