See Disney Princesses Dressed Up As Miley Cyrus for Halloween

Meghan Blalock

disney princesses miley

In the event that you live in a hole in the ground, Miley Cyrus is one of the year’s most popular Halloween costumes. And for good reason: the pop star has presented us with no fewer than 11 different versions of herself we have free reign to choose from this All Hallow’s Eve. And, fortunately for Internet readers everywhere, someone has already taken the liberty of dressing up Disney princesses in some of Miley’s best looks.

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Miley has gotten into the Halloween spirit as of late, and took the opportunity to share the above graphic with her 15+ million followers on Twitter. No word on the precise source of this brilliance, but whoever thought to put Mulan in Cyrus’ black mesh Marc Jacobs gown from the Met Gala deserves some sort of prize. Another favorite: Cinderella twerking in Miley’s spandex outfit from her “We Can’t Stop” music video, complete with tiny cartoon tongue hanging from the corner of her mouth.

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Miley has been posting a lot of vaguely inappropriate things to Twitter lately, not least of which is the below Halloween pumpkins, which are decidedly naughty and political, as they seem to be active proponents of free love and drug use. A bit more intriguingly, she also posted a selfie wearing a wig that looks distinctly like a throwback to her former self.

Check them both out below!

miley cyrus dirty pumpkins

miley cyrus long hair