This ’Hidden Gem’ Drying Rack Saves Space & Doubles As a Meal Prep Station

Taylor Lane
This ’Hidden Gem’ Drying Rack Saves Space & Doubles As a Meal Prep Station
Photo: Courtesy of Seropy.

You can never have too many smart kitchen gadgets that help make cleaning and cooking a breeze. But sometimes, these new purchases end up cluttering your space even more and get in the way. Take, for instance, a dish rack. The necessity so often takes up necessary counter space and minimizes the little meal prep space you have—that’s why we found a drying rack that saves space and time.

Seropy’s Roll Up Dish Drying Rack is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Use the rack as a dish dryer if you don’t have a washer at home. Or, use it to dry those fancy items that are not dishwasher safe. But perhaps the best feature? It rolls up for easy storage. So, when you’re not using it, you can store the slim device anywhere, really. Even tight cabinet corners. 

What’s more, the slots in the design are great for excess water that might drip from clean dishes. It also helps with air circulation to minimize smudges that might come from air drying glass and other clear dishware.

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Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Courtesy of Seropy.

“It has so many uses,” exclaimed one shopper. “I’ve used it in most of the capacities given in the description. Thought it might bend being used as a trivet since I put several heavy things on it but nope. I can put it in the dishwasher and I find that a huge plus. It rolls up, and I can store it anywhere when I’m not using it.”

The sturdy wire rack is a great solution if you can’t stand clutter in your space. Plus, it comes in four size options
 that will surely fit over your sink seamlessly. Add this one to your kitchen instead of having a drying rack taking up space on your counter.

“​​I don’t like clutter, but I end up hand-washing a few items every day. I don’t like them cluttering the counter on top of a drying matt that I end up washing all the time because it gets saturated and smelly,” another reviewer wrote. “So this rack is perfect because (my sink is divided in two) I keep it in the part of the sink I don’t use, and water from clean items drip down. Air flows, so they dry faster. When nothing is on it, I still leave it there because it is unobtrusive. Wish I had bought it sooner!” they added.

The $10 drying rack makes organizing your groceries easy, too. Others said they use the steel rack to hold vegetables after washing them and prepping them for a meal.

“Besides a great drying rack, it’s also a great way to put a cutting board over the sink and let the sink catch the drippings from meat carving or to cut up your veggies and put a bowl in the sink to catch the waste,” wrote one shopper who gave it a five-star rating.

After you read through the 1,786 five-star reviews, you’ll want to add the neat, foldable drying rack to your kitchen stash soon enough. 

“This is a hidden gem in Amazon. I love this dish drainer! It works well for those few dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher,” wrote a final reviewer. “It’s also great for thawing food from the freezer or providing a place to get the cream cheese to room temperature.”

We love anything that makes keeping the kitchen clean and organized. For $10, you can toss your old drying rack for this updated one that serves multiple purposes. Plus, it might even make you want to cook tonight, thanks to how easy it easy to use as a prepping station.