You Can Buy Diptyque’s City Collection Online For One Week Only

You Can Buy Diptyque’s City Collection Online For One Week Only
Photo: Stylecaster/diptyque

We’ve got some big news: diptyque, the luxury candle retailer, is making their entire City Scents collection exclusively available online for just one week starting this Friday, September 22nd.

Now, we all have our favorite diptyque candle, and I myself am guilty of impulse-buying more than a few blackberry-scented Noir candles. But candles from the City Scents collection are typically only sold in certain cities.

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For example, the New York candle can only be purchased in, you guessed it, New York. But now, thanks to diptyque, you now have access to all of the aromas of Earth’s great cities for a whole heck of a lot less than a plane ticket ($70 to be exact).

And while you might turn your nose up at the thought of bringing the smells of Manhattan into your home (I light candles to keep those out), rest assured that the diptyque New York-scented candle smells nothing like the subway—but instead like the soothing scent of wood cedar.

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The Beverly Hills candle, meanwhile, has hints of citrus and mint; while the Miami candle brings a more tropical blend of coconut and jasmine. The smells of London, Berlin, Shanghai and Tokyo will be available for purchase, too.

But move fast and buy them here, because this flash sale only lasts a week (ending on Friday, September 29) so once they’re gone, they’re gone—and then its back to smelling actual New York, and not the dreamy diptyque version.