The Low-Down on Diptyque’s Black Friday 2019 Sale

The Low-Down on Diptyque’s Black Friday 2019 Sale
Photo: Diptyque. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Hey, so, it may not even be November yet, but we just got the scoop on Diptyque’s Black Friday 2019 sale (because we’re dope like that). The official word is that, while the luxury fragrance brand doesn’t usually partake in the American tradition of Black Friday sales madness (they’re French, okay?), Diptyque will, however, be releasing a limited-edition candle exclusively for the holiday—and my insides are screaming for the new newness of a, quote, bougie parfumée to have in my apartment full of second-hand furniture.

If this year’s Diptyque Black Friday is anything like last year’s, this new candle is speculated to sell out—even before the limited run is over (yep, it’ll only be available for four days, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 at Which, honestly, makes sense, considering the Black Friday candle is Diptyque’s wildly best-selling Baies candle all dressed up in stunning new packaging: and a black and white print of the iconic scent’s irresistible rose and blackcurrant leave notes.

STYLECASTER | Diptyque Black Friday 2019 Sale


Just imagine it on your fireplace mantle or by your bedside or, honestly, wherever—stunning! It’s perfect for the minimalist, the romantic, the super-aesthetic and, might I even say, the goth. Whether you’re picking it up for someone on your holiday shopping list or just for yourself (treat. yo. self.), we’re sure it’ll be greatly loved.

And just like any other Diptyque candle, you can use it up and then clean it out and repurpose it as a decorative holder for your makeup brushes, hair ties, tiny bouquets, or what-have-you. The glass jar is just as pleasing as the scent itself.

Diptyque’s Black friday 2019 candle will be available for purchase on for $74, starting Nov. 29 to Dec. 2.