Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane on Her Spicy Guilty Pleasure & Her on-Tour Health Secrets

STYLECASTER | Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony
Photo: Tara Ziemba/FilmMagic. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Dinah Jane may be starting a solo career, but she’s no newcomer to the music industry. After six years with Fifth Harmony, three albums and several chart-topping singles, Jane—and her four Fifth Harmony members, Normani, Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke—went solo in March. And though their hiatus is indefinite, it doesn’t look like a reunion is coming any time soon.

For one, Jane recently released her first single as a solo artist, “Bottled Up,” a tropical-inspired R&B song with rappers Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy, in September. Aware that her solo career wouldn’t have been possible without the success of Fifth Harmony, Jane is now using her platform to highlight rising artists, like herself, with Xfinity and Sofar Sounds’ “Future of Awesome” tour, a 12-city tour across the United States featuring artists hand-selected by Jane herself. (Fans can request tickets on Sofar’s website.) “I love that it’s a way for new artists to showcase their talent, and the list of artists I picked hits every genre of music,” Jane tells StyleCaster.

The tour has already kicked off in New York, but before Jane fully hit the road, she took some time to tell us about her on-tour health secrets and how she keeps a balanced diet and a steady fitness routine while traveling. Find out more about Jane on-the-road self-care regimen—and her spicy guilty-pleasure food—ahead.

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane

Xfinity and Sofar Sounds.

For breakfast I had: I ate oatmeal and had a green tea for a little caffeinated boost to start my day. Oatmeal is a good breakfast option for me when I’m looking for something quick and easy yet healthy and filling.

For lunch I had: It was a busy day of press, so I had to eat on the go. For lunch today, I had a boiled egg for protein and a side of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which is my weakness. When I have time to actually sit down for lunch, I do try to make sure I incorporate lots of protein and veggies into my meal.

Today I snacked on: BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn is a snack that I can easily throw into my bag without any preparation before I head out the door for a shoot or rehearsal, and it won’t spoil during the day. I also really love raw carrots. The crunchiness of both these snacks is very satisfying to me.

My go-to healthy drink is: Aside from drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated during rehearsals and performances, I love the health benefits that kombucha (Synergy) offers. It’s full of antioxidants and probiotics that my body needs.

My favorite workout is: My favorite workout is running on the treadmill. I love it. It’s therapeutic for me and is a good way to prepare for or wind down from a busy day. Hiking is great too!

The top songs on my workout playlist right now are:  Right now, my go-to workout songs are “Bad Company” by A$AP Rocky featuring BlocBoy JB and “Watch n’ Learn” by Rihanna. For my cooldown after a workout, I listen to “6, 8, 12” by Brian McKnight. It’s my jam.

Making an effort to take time out for yourself—whether it’s working out or simply getting a good night’s rest—is definitely something I’d highly recommend for new artists. 

The one thing that always gets me motivated to work out is: I try and have a really positive outlook when I’m working out. It’s an important part of my self-care regimen. Running is actually something I look forward to doing no matter where I am in the world because it’s time I get to dedicate to myself. Making an effort to take time out for yourself—whether it’s working out or simply getting a good night’s rest—is definitely something I’d highly recommend for new artists.

My guilty pleasure food is: My guilty pleasure is XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! Everyone knows they are my weakness! I grew up loving every spicy snack and meal that I came across.

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane

Xfinity and Sofar Sounds.

My favorite healthy restaurant is:  When I’m in L.A., I try to make a trip to Tender Greens. I really enjoy their Caesar salad and adding steak and mashed potatoes on the side.

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are: The three ingredients people will always find in my kitchen are Tapatío hot sauce, Sriracha and garlic powder.  I love food that is full of flavor and has a kick to it. These ingredients can really spice up the most basic recipes.

The best part of my job is: The best part about my job is that I get to travel the world and create music that I love. In addition to my single “Bottled Up,” I’m excited to share more new music I’ve been working on. Stay tuned!