‘DILFs of Disneyland’ May Be the Best Instagram Account Ever

Kristen Bousquet

Okay, we might have found the best Instagram account of all the universe, DIFS of Disneyland.

Basically, it’s pretty much how it sounds: photos of  DILFS (which if you aren’t sure what that is, here ya go) at California’s magical theme park, Disneyland. These dudes can be seen doing every adorable thing from hanging with Mickey Mouse and his cute baby to having their kids strapped to their stomachs (and somehow still looking insanely sexy.)

DILFS of Disneyland calls itself “the happiest place on Instagram” and we totally agree. Enough talk: Read on for some hot dads doing their thing.

Carrying his baby strapped to his stomach:

Comforting his little princess:

Being a sexy human pillow for his baby:

Wearing a Mickey Mouse hat:

Being sexy next to an Indian statue:

Being famous (and still hot) at Disneyland with their baby:

And just being a DILF in general..