Diesel:U:Music Announces Contest Winners


Diesel:U:Music recently announced the winners of their online contest which aimed to take two fresh new brands and launch them in to super stardom by placing them as the headliners on a world tour hosted by Diesel.

Judges included Sony Music Publishing Manager Atsushi Inoue and Spin magazine senior editor Ellen Carpenter who whittled down the list to five finalists. This year’s winners are Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! and Heartsrevolution. I don’t know why both bands have to deal with rebellion but…

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt are a dance (um, duh) band that kind of sounds like everything was recorded on a piece of equipment by Fischer Price complete with gang vocals. I mean that as an utmost compliment. Don’t try and twist (? Or tangle?) my words.

Heartsrevolution is also an electro-dance band that is so spazzy you just need to hear it for yourself. Also a compliment.

These two lucky bands that won the attention of music tastemakers will launch their worldwide tour in Berlin, Germany on July 3rd. They’ll be stateside in New York on July 30th. Click here to learn more about the Diesel:U:Music tour.