Diesel Island: The Denim Brand Goes To Extremes

Lauren Caruso
Diesel Island: The Denim Brand Goes To Extremes
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With New York weather as dreadful as it is, walking across a far away beach in what appears to be sweltering heat sounds like a sort of heaven right now especially if it comes with the chiseled, scruffy men (swoon!) pictured in Diesel’s new ads.

The brand’s 2011 campaign, appropriated titled Diesel Island, is channeling the likes of Survivor and Lost if the main characters were walking straight out of a hypnagogic dream sequence and into battle. The hip-hugging jeans and low-rise cargo pants look pretty dreamy, too.

More than just a series of advertisements, the campaign attempts to play off our instincts (well, sort of) by encouraging consumers to celebrate the island’s discovery, redefine the laws of the newest, “perfect” land and visit “official embassies” (Diesel stores) to gain citizenship.

The goal of the viral campaign? To rid the world of pollution, war and corruption in exchange for a tropical utopia where the principles of the “Be Stupid” manifesto can flourish. If it looks anything like they say, I’m ready to get my hands dirty.

Some things John Locke didn’t have on the island? A corresponding virtual playland and an interactive catalogue.